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Jubilee Plum Trees

A superb new plum tree. A far superior replacement for Victoria. We would not make such a leading claim were it not without any doubt true. Jubilee is, we believe, finally the variety to take over from Victoria as the finest plum of all. The fruit quality is superb with a much larger size and more uniform quality. The attractive light red colour and succulent yellow flesh hints at the sweet, juicy eating qualities which are perfect for dessert and, like Victoria, also cook and bottle well. It is a very reliable performer with blossom which sets well, excellent disease resistance, and having been raised in Sweden -it is very, very hardy. Very high yielding, a good grower, and ripens just a few days before Victoria. Self fertile - grows and crops well on its own. This is the variety we have all been waiting for. Easy to grow and train. Fine flavour - always reliable - Self fertile. If you would like to be one of the first to grow it, we recommend you order early. We have a limited number of trees available on rootstocks Pixy, St Julian and as Supercolumns. Please add £1.00 extra per tree for this variety.

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