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    • Raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute at Invergowrie in Scotland. The bright purple fruits are very large and the flavour is magnificent, the yield is very high and the firm, juicy fruits ripen early July and cover the plant in a blanket of mouthwatering berries. The tayberry is unique, it is different, its superb. Raised at the S.C.R.I. by crossing a very high quality Aurora blackberry with an improved tetraploid raspberry. The tayberry has given exceptional results in Ministry of Agriculture trials over a long period, copping consistently, year after year. The fruits are twice the weight of an average large raspberry, much longer and deep purple in colour. Excellent for dessert, and all other purposes. Freezes exceptionally well and the refreshing rich, aromatic flavour is superb. Whenever this new cultivar is seen and tasted it is proclaimed a must. Every garden that grows soft fruit must include the Medana Tayberry. Cultivation is the same as for the blackberry or loganberry, and should be planted 8" apart. The new taste of tayberries is very highly recommended.All high quality plants and NOT tissue culture mini plants! When, a few years ago, we were the first to introduce the new virus free Medana Tayberry, we believed it to be the finest hybrid berry ever raised and the virus tested status a must to achieve the exceptional results this superb new berry is capable of. We knew we were right ... and fortunately our customers agree. Now in an exciting development we are very pleased to offer: